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Why Choose Black Door Handles for Your Front Door

It’s no surprise that vintage doors with black handles will always look good. If you’ve ever come across one, you probably stopped and admired it for a second or two. There’s just something about those door handles that make them irresistibly alluring.


Why Are Black Front Door Handles So Attractive?

If we asked around, we’d probably get a million reasons why. But lots of people love black front door handles mainly for their elegance and versatility.

What Makes Black Handles Elegant and Versatile?


Black door pulls are so stunningly sophisticated that they can enhance any front door. No matter the colour of yours, whether it’s the typical brown or white, having a black door handle will give it a new, remarkably bold look. 


That said, the new look won’t exactly be the same with every front door. It depends on the door’s style.


Say your front door has a modern design. Having a black handle will make it mysterious but sophisticated.


Like we already mentioned, black handles always go great with vintage doors. So if your front door has the same style, having a black handle will surely make it look luxurious.


The Pros and Cons of Black Door Pulls


Although they can improve any front door’s look, black handles aren’t perfect. Using them has advantages and disadvantages. 


The Pros 


Strikingly Elegant


We’ve become so used to doors with metallic finishes that an even slightly different one can turn heads. 


Since they come across so bold and sophisticated, black door pulls can make any door seem sleeker. That’s why using one on your front door will surely transform it for the better.


Can Match Anything


Whether it’s vintage or modern, brown or white, a black handle will suit your front door just fine. But the styles and colours black door pulls go with don’t stop there. Industrial, traditional, Hampton-style, natural timber, neutral colour schemesblack handles can match them all.


Practically Fingerprint-Proof


Unlike on chrome, fingerprints hardly show on black door pulls. So if you’re worried about getting unsightly fingerprints on yours, there’s no need to be. They won’t show up at all.


The Cons

Dust can show on the handles over time

If you’ve ever taken a close look at your black shirt at the end of the day, you know how easy dust shows up on black stuff. This can happen with your handles too. Don’t let this influence your decision however as these are fairly easy to keep clean.

Matching your theme

Having a black handle on your front door can look pretty stylish, but it doesn’t fit every interior.

Did this happen to you?
No worries! If you have found that your theme doesn’t quite match with any of our black handles, you can always send it back to us for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

Looking to purchase these handles?

Black door handles go well with just about all door styles. That’s why despite the few issues with using them, as long as they’re well maintained, they can be welcome additions to any home.


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