Black Door Handles

There’s no question, our stylish black door handles are bold, mysterious and irresistibly elegant. These door pulls can give the look of any home a boost. Check out our wide range of products below to find the perfect one for you.

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Showing 1–16 of 28 results

Modern matt black door handles

Looking for a handle or door hardware with a style that’s definitively here and now? Any of our modern matt black door handles will suit you just fine.

Modern matte black door hardware are designed to fit any contemporary building with our elegant. For starters, these matt black door pull handles have a powder coated black satin matt black finish.

What do these handles look like?

Understated yet alluring, our satin matte finish looks like a cross between silk and charcoal. Our black door hardware go well with timber, aluminium and glass – essentially making them suitable for most finishes.

Despite that, our matte black door hardware still provide a nice contrast that improves the look of doors even more.

Stunning, tough and suits practically any door, our matt black front door hardware are a great feature for contemporary homes and finishes in Australia. You can view our full range of products by clicking the shop now button in our navigation above.

Offset black door handles

But what if you’d rather have the most comfortable door handle to use? You’ll surely find it from our offset black door handles.

How do they look?

Offset matt black door handles have the same arresting look as any other black door pull. That’s because they also come with that luxurious powder coated satin matte black finish. Having such a coating also lets them enhance the look of any door, whether it’s timber, aluminum or glass.


What makes offset black door pulls so pleasant to use is their design. Practically all handles stick out except for them. They curve inward instead.

These handles work great with accompanying black door hardware because they allow for easier access to the locking mechanism.

Not only that, our range of offset door handles are also made of high-quality stainless steel. They work perfectly as kitchen handles and can be matched to door locks or door stops.

Internal door handles

Our range of matt black door pulls and matt black door hardware look great on front doors. They look even better on internal doors! We have a wide range of black finish internal door handles to suit any home’s interior design or finish to suit your space. They can be used as kitchen handles and match internal hardware such as locks or even door stops!

Matching your matt black door hardware with your overall space

How do these handles do it? By featuring that unique powder coated satin matte black finish Any of our matte black finish internal door handles and pull range will not only match all the doors you have inside. Our products will also go well with your home’s overall theme to fit your space. Looking for kitchen handles, or something to suite your cupboards or door stops? Our extensive range is exactly what you are looking for. We are sure we will have the handle or finish you are looking for!

That isn’t to say they’re less durable. Our range of internal matte black finish door handles and door hardware were made with high-grade stainless steel, like the rest of our door pulls – perfect to fit the climate here in Australia. No matter how much they’re used, you can expect all the handles in our range to be durable and last a long time.