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Wooden Door Handles

If there were a front door feature that embodied classic design, it would be wooden door handles. But that doesn’t mean these door pulls haven’t been improved upon to be able to enhance the homes of today. As you’ll see from our selection below, the handles can wow even the most up-to-date.

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Modern Design

You read that right. Modern wooden door handles are a thing. What makes these door pulls current are clever features that let them hold their own with any other door handle.

Instead of being ornate, like wooden door handles in the past, our modern wooden door handles are rectangular. Having slight edges makes these wooden door pull handles suitable for any contemporary building.

How? Our modern wooden door handles’ shape makes them look particularly modern. That’s despite their main material wood being associated with classic design. Being able to provide such a unique contrast makes them a surprisingly great fit for modern buildings while giving their look a boost.

The other feature that makes our wooden door handles a match for contemporary buildings is their stainless steel centre sections. These are meant to keep the door pulls on. But the delicate variance they create gives the handles themselves a more modern look. Being so makes them even more suitable for contemporary buildings.

That isn’t to say wooden door handles have completely done away with their classic design roots. Aside from timber and aluminium, wood itself goes great with glass. These are the materials almost all doors now are made of, so a modern wooden door handle can surely complement yours.

If you’re worried wooden door handles don’t last long, there’s really no reason to be. All our wooden door handles consist of solid blocks of premium-grade wood, making sure they’ll last long even when used daily. We make sure of that even for our long wooden door handles.

With a timeless look, high-quality materials and a simple but ingenious design, wooden front door handles can complete any contemporary home.

Offset Style

Of all the materials door handles now are made of, wood may very well be the most pleasant to the touch. But there’s a few that take being comfortable to use a step further. These are offset timber pull handles.

Ensure minimal obstructions around your timber pull system

Offset wooden door pulls could be the most comfortable handles to use due to their shape. Instead of sticking out, like most other door pulls do, they sit offset to the door. Having such a unique shape makes them remarkably easy to grip and lets them exert hardly any stress when handled.

Given how using them requires only little effort, having any of our offset wooden door handles on your front door will surely be hassle-free.

Keep in mind that all our wooden door handles come with that classic wooden finish. So whether it’s made of timber, aluminum or glass, any of our offset wooden door handles can fit the look of your door.

Aside from that, all our offset wooden handles consist of high-grade solid wood. You can bet they’ll be able to take on daily use even though they’re exceptionally comfortable to use.

Internal Door Pulls

While they look great on any front door, wooden door handles truly shine when used as internal door handles. Check out our wooden internal door handles to see just how well wooden door handles go with practically any home’s interior.

Why are these a great fit for your home?

It goes without saying that wood is the most commonly used material for home interiors. It’s durable yet has a cozy vibe, letting it fit the interior of most homes perfectly. Since they’re made of it, wooden internal door pulls have the same qualities. That makes them the same great fit for homes.

But our wooden internal door handles consist of tougher materials, namely stainless steel and high-grade solid wood. So even though you’ll use them every day, they’re going to last long. 

To be sure, all our internal wooden door handles are made to be as comfortable to use as possible. After all, internal door pulls are used much more than front door pulls. So using any of our internal door wooden door pulls will no doubt be trouble-free.

Frequently asked questions

What if I wanted a longer style?

If you were after a longer style for your home, that is no problems! We have these handles in a large variety of sizes and styles to suit most configurations.

What stock sizes do they come in?

This particular finish is currently stocked in 600mm and 1000mm, however we can order them in custom for you if you ever needed a larger size. Alternatively, we are always updating our stock so we may just have a stock version of the handle you are after, just give us a call and well see what we have!

Do you have these in a D Style?

All of our timber style handles currently come in a H style, however if you find that you are after a different configuration to what we have we can always order it in custom for you.

How long do custom orders take to arrive?

Custom handles can arrive between 1-2 months however we do sometimes have them arrive much sooner depending on how close they are to other custom orders coming in.

When to order custom, and when to wait for stock sizes

It is best to give us a call to discuss when our stock sizes will arrive. We are always updating our stock, so it is sometimes the case that we may be adding a wooden handle to our range that you might want to order in custom.

Can I pick up in store?

You sure can, a lot of our customers love to come in and see the wooden or timber finish themselves in person. This allows them to ensure that what we have will match the style and feel of their home. We encourage customers to pop in to have a look at our range.

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