Rose Gold Door Handles

When it comes to stylish front door features, rose gold door handles may very well be the pinnacle. No other handle can make your home look as stunningly luxurious as these handles can. Find the one that suits the style of your home best from our selection below.

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Modern rose gold door handles

From the fine jewelry of aristocrats to doubloons, gold has always been a symbol of luxury. But that doesn’t mean gold door handles can’t satisfy modern tastes. Our modern rose gold door handles will delight even the most current aficionado.


All our modern rose gold door pulls have an indulgent polished rose gold finish.  But they suit practically all contemporary buildings. These rose gold door pull handles are designed in a way that makes them a surprisingly great match.


All our modern rose gold handles are rectangular. With their slight edges, these door pulls look very modern and timelessly classy. Having such a unique design lets them complement modern buildings while giving their look a chic upgrade.


How well modern rose gold handles go with current buildings doesn’t stop there. Posh yet understated, rose gold itself goes great with timber, aluminium and glass. Since these are the materials most doors now are made of, a modern rose gold handle will definitely suit yours.  


If you are worried about durability, you can be sure our rose gold door pulls will stand the test of time. All of our handles are made out of stainless steel, and are electroplated to ensure a clean and elegant finish. That also means its corrosion resistance has been improved. You can bet that our handles can withstand everyday use. Even the long rose gold door handles.


Gorgeous yet strong and a good match for any door, rose gold front door handles can be the highlight of any contemporary home.


Offset rose gold door handles

Rose gold door pulls can be as comfortable to use as they are luxurious. There’s a certain type that guarantees this, called offset rose gold door handles.


Offset rose gold door pulls owe being so pleasant to use to their design. While practically all other handles stick out, these curve inward. Their unique shape not only makes gripping them easier, it also makes handling them exert less stress.


Since hardly any effort is needed to use them, having any of our offset rose gold handles on your front door will certainly be convenient.


But all our rose gold door pulls come with that elegant polished rose gold finish. So any of our offset rose gold door pulls can enhance the look of your door, whether it’s timber, aluminum or glass.

Our offset rose gold handles also consist of high-grade stainless steel on the inside. So even though they’re remarkably comfortable to use, they can surely take on daily use. 

Rose gold internal door handles

Rose gold door handles don’t only look great on the outside. They look just as stunning indoors. We have a number of rose gold internal door handles that can match any home’s interior.


Yes, there’s no need to worry about any of our rose gold internal door pulls clashing with your home’s overall theme. What makes them stand out can also boost how a home looks on the inside. Instead of overpowering it, their polished rose gold finish will provide a nice contrast that elevates it.


That doesn’t make them any less durable. Just like the rest of our rose gold handles, all our internal rose gold handles consist of high-grade stainless steel. They’ll last long no matter how much you’d use them.


Of course, we make sure all our internal rose gold handles are comfortable to use. Internal door pulls are used more than the ones on front doors. So internal doors being trouble-free to handle is a must.