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Modifying Pull Handles for Single Use

The following guide will outline how to modify our entry door pull handles to work as single, stand alone handles.

Use the TOC below to navigate to your appropriate series

Dalton Range

Gladstone Range

Dalton Range

This section will outline how to modify our Dalton Range handles to work for single use

Step 1

Unscrew the handles and pull them apart. You will see a male and female side as follows

Dalton pull handle opened with bracket

Step 2

Unscrew the bracket from the male side as follows

Step 3

Using a M8 bolt and hex nut fix the bracket to the door.

Step 4 (Using the hollow side of the handle set)

Slide the hollow side of the handle set over the bracket and fasten with the provided Phillips or the grub screws. You also have the option of installing the bracket with a self tapping screw, this would mean you will not see a bolt on the backside of the door.

Step 5 (Using the Threaded Side of the Handle Set)

Simply feed the M8 bolt through the door to fasten the handle in place.
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