Door Handles

Our range of designer door hardware come in a variety of colours, finishes and styles to meet your unique tastes. Whether you are looking for front door handles, knobs, locks, internal, external, kitchen, gold, black, brass or even gold door handles , we have a range of elegant accessories and products available to purchase on our online shop.

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Showing 145–153 of 153 results

Shop Door Handles by Colour/Finish

Finding the right one for your home isn’t just about going with what looks best. It should fit your overall theme. Here are a few of the various finishes and colours of handles we have in stock.

Black Door Handles

Bold and mysterious, a black door pull lets your door strike just the right balance between professionalism and luxury. 

Chrome Handles

No door pull can make your door look more modern than a chrome handle.

Brushed Satin Handles

Being lustrous isn’t exclusive to silky satin sheets. Make your door just as stunning with a brushed satin handle.

Brass Handles

Brass is typically used to make musical instruments, giving them a distinctive sheen. Make your door stand out the same way with a brass handle.

Copper Handles

With a deeper, richer sheen than brass, a copper handle will give your door that classic look no other door pull can.

Gold Handles

Nothing is as luxurious as having a gold handle on your front door.

Art Deco Handles

Bring back that Roarin’ 20’s vibe by featuring an art deco handle right on your front door.

Shop Entrance Handles by Size

Once you settle on the colour/finish you like, the handle you’d choose needs to be just the right size for your door. We have a wide array for you to choose from, making sure you find one that would fit it perfectly.







Shop Front Door Handles by Style

With colour/finish just a part of it, each door pull has a unique style that could makeor breaka door. Here are four of the most popular styles to help you find the one that suits yours.

H Type handles

H type handles are door pulls shaped like the letter H. These handles are quite sleek and modern but rounded, making them surprisingly comfortable to use.

D Handles

D handles are door pulls shaped like the letter D. While just as sleek as H type handles, these handles are rectangular, making them look more modern.

Bow Handles

Bow handles are door pulls with a concave curve similar to archery bows. Having a slight curve makes them perfect for glass doors.

Offset Handles

Offset handles are door pulls that curve inward. Having such a design makes them the most comfortable to use handles.

Shop Pull Handles by Use

While all entrance handles have the same purpose, each is designed for a specific use. Below is a brief description for each of the ones we have in stock to help you choose the right one for you.

Kitchen Handles

Kitchens are used daily, so the handle you’d choose for your kitchen door needs to be tough enough to last.

Barn Door Handles

Barn doors are big, measuring anywhere between 36” to 96” tall, so their handles need to be big and tough.

Front Door Handles

Since you’ll see and use it practically every day, yours needs to fit your home’s overall theme nicely and be comfortable to the touch.

Exterior Handles

So as not to deviate from its overall theme, all your home’s exterior door pulls need to have the same style.

Interior Handles

Just like on the outside, each home has a distinct design on the inside. Make sure all the interior handles of yours match its interior design to keep the overall theme.

Pull Handles

All pull handles are designed to provide the best possible grip. Pick one in a size that suits you to avoid having any problems using it.