Chrome Door Handles

If you want to make a statement as soon as your guests arrive at your front door, consider using chrome door handles. These stylish front entrance features make for a bold first impression with their assertive yet sleek air. Here’s our selection to help you find the one that will improve your home’s look.

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Showing 17–25 of 25 results

Modern chrome door handles

It goes without saying that chrome itself is pretty modern already. With a shiny surface that makes you think of machines as soon as you see it, chrome practically screams present-day. But, as you’ll find out from our modern chrome door handles, it can be made to look even more contemporary.


Let’s start with their shape. All our modern chrome door pull handles are rectangular. Their slight edges make these door pulls look even more modern. Having such a shape and style lets them fit modern buildings surprisingly well.


Look closely and you’ll see there’s more to our modern chrome door handles’ finish than just being lustrous. It’s actually polished.


Polished chrome is chrome plating on steel or brass that’s been polished. It has a satin-like look to it, unlike regular chrome, which is glossy, like lipstick.


Having such a finish lets our modern chrome door pulls look even more modern, making them an even better fit for modern buildings.


Aside from aluminum, chrome goes well with glass and timber. With almost all doors now being made of these materials, any of our chrome handles would be a great match for yours.    


The benefits of having polished chrome as their finish doesn’t end there.


Scratch, tarnish and corrosion-resistant, our chrome door pulls are practically indestructible.


Add that to the fact that they all consist of high-grade stainless steel on the inside and you can bet all of them, even our long chrome door handles, will last long despite daily use.   


Tough but silklike, chrome front door handles can complete any contemporary home.


Offset chrome door handles

Just because chrome door pulls are solid doesn’t mean they can’t be comfortable to use. As our offset chrome door handles will prove, they can be remarkably pleasant to the touch.


How can our offset chrome door pulls be so comfortable to use? By having a unique shape.


All our offset chrome handles curve inward, unlike most other door handles, which stick out. This makes sure they don’t exert a whole lot of stress when handled, making gripping them almost effortless.


Since not that much effort is needed to use them, having any of our offset copper door handles on your front door is going to be exceptionally convenient.


Don’t forget all our chrome door handles come with that lustrous polished chrome finish. So whether it’s made of timber, aluminum or glass, any of our offset chrome door pulls can suit it.


Every single one of our chrome door handles also consist of high-grade stainless steel on the inside. Being so guarantees they can take on daily use even though handling them is wonderfully comfortable.


Chrome internal door handles

If you’d like to bring that ultra modern look inside your home, you can with our chrome internal door handles.


Enjoy having your home’s interior accentuated with a much more contemporary look with the luster of our chrome internal door pulls.

No need to worry about them wearing out from being used every day. All our chrome internal handles consist of the same high-grade stainless steel found in the rest of our chrome handles, so you can bet they’ll last long. 

All our internal chrome door pulls are also made to be considerably comfortable to use. Remember, internal door handles are used much more than front door handles. We’re more than confident any of our internal chrome door pulls will surely be convenient to use.