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Top 4 Long Door Handles to Use as a Front Door Pull

There are probably as many stainless steel door handles styles as there are front doors. You’ll have a lot to consider when choosing from all the potential front door handles for you. So, where to begin?

It’s best to start with the length. With lots of long pull handles out there, you need to pick the one that’s just the right size. Good thing there’s plenty to choose from. For example, our long stainless steel door handles come in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. You’re sure to find the perfect-sized one from our selection. Once you’ve made your choice, take your pick from the various entry door handles styles. 

You can browse our full range of long door handles below,  or use the navigation links in the side bar to navigate to the appropriate section.

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H Type

H type pull handles are long stainless steel front door handles in the H type configuration. That basically means they’re shaped like letter H. H type entry door handles are very sleek in design. Having such a modern look makes them perfect for use on the front door of contemporary buildings. That said, you wouldn’t be sacrificing comfort if you’d use an H type handle on your front door. These long door handles are rounded, making them comfortable to hold. But what if you’re looking for square or flat bar pull handles? H type handles come in these shapes, too. Just keep in mind that such H type handles usually come in 1200mm. If your front door is a particularly large one, an H type handle would be great for it. H type handles go up to 1800mm in length. These handles are sure to give any front door a contemporary style boost.

D Type

Just like they’re called, D handles are door pulls shaped like the letter D.

Similar to H type handles, D handles have a very modern look to them. Having the same style makes them a great fit for practically any contemporary building. They also come in 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm, making them great for large doors as well.

But that doesn’t mean D handles are just like H type handles. 

While H type handles are rounded, D handles are rectangular. Having slight edges make D handles look more contemporary. Being so lets them give a much more modern look.

Not only that, D handles are also available as satin door handles. Being so makes them even more modern.

Offset Handle

If you’re looking for the most comfortable door pull to use, an offset handle could just be it.

Offset handles sit away from the door. That means these entrance handles curve inward, unlike H type and D handles that stick out. Being so makes offset handles much easier to open.

While they’re probably the most comfortable entrance handle, offset handles are still stylish. Like D handles, offset handles are rectangular, making them very sleek. They’re also available as brush satin door handles, making them strikingly contemporary.


Like archery bows, bow handles are entrance handles with a concave curve. 

Bow handles are designed in a way that lets them blend in with practically any front door. Being so makes them perfect for glass doors.

While able to fit any glass door, bow handles are still stunningly stylish. You can get them as brush satin door handles, letting one give your front door that head-turning contemporary look.

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Satin Chrome handle


There are many door handles for you to choose from. But these first-rate long stainless steel door handles can make your front door stylish and modern unlike any other.
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