Copper Door Handles

All things vintage have made a huge comeback, with copper door handles at the forefront of stylish front door features. No other door pull can make homes old-school chic as well as these ones can. Take your pick from our selection below to find the one that best suits your home.

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Showing all 7 results

Modern copper door handles

Everyday copper items could be considered pretty old. Ancient even. But copper door pulls have been successfully updated to satisfy modern tastes. Check out our modern copper door handles to see just how now copper door pulls are.


Two things make our modern copper door pulls handles suitable for practically any contemporary building: Their particular shape and finish.


All our modern copper door pulls are rectangular. Having slight edges gives these door handles a very modern look. With such a shape and style, these door pulls are a surprisingly great fit for the buildings of today.


Next off is our modern copper door pulls’ brushed/satin finish. Such a coating lets these door handles look silky on the outside. So even though the natural color of copper itself could give them a dated look, it’s balanced out by having such a sleek finish. Being so smooth and glossy lets the door pulls fit contemporary buildings even better.


That said, the color that can make copper door pulls look old is also the thing that makes them look so good on doors. Besides timber and aluminum, copper goes great with glass. With nearly every door now being made of these materials, a modern copper door handle can surely suit yours.


When it comes to strength, copper is pretty weak. That’s why it’s been used to make jewelry, statues and household items, like bowls and trays. It’s very malleable. But that doesn’t mean our copper door handles won’t last long.


To make up for copper’s inherent weakness, all our copper door pulls consist of high-grade stainless steel on the inside. Being made of such a strong material gives these door pulls the strength to withstand everyday use. That’s guaranteed even for our long copper door handles.


Providing just the right mix of old and new strengthened with high-quality materials, copper front door handles is just the thing to elevate contemporary homes.

Offset copper door handles

Aside from malleable, copper has been used to make household items for being pleasant to the touch. The same thing can be said about our offset copper door handles, making them remarkably convenient door pulls to use. But there’s more to it than that.


What really makes our offset copper door pulls comfortable to use is their shape. While most other door handles stick out, these ones curve inward. That keeps them easy to grip and prevents them from exerting too much stress when handled.


With only little effort required to use them, you can bet having any of our offset copper door handles on your front door is going to be smooth sailing.


Just remember that all our copper door handles come with that silky brushed/satin finish. That makes any of our offset copper door handles a great match for your door, whether it’s made of timber, aluminum or glass.


Not only that, all our copper door handles consist of high-grade stainless steel. They’ll be able to withstand everyday use despite being distinctly comfortable to use.


Copper internal door handles

You can have that old-school look inside your home besides just having copper household items. Achieve it with our copper internal door handles.


Nothing gives that vintage vibe quite like having copper around the house. That rich, gold-like luster can make any home’s interior luxurious in a traditional way, also making it even cozier. You can accentuate it using copper internal door handles without going overboard.


Unlike pure copper household items, our copper internal door handles are made to last. They consist of the same high-grade stainless steel as the rest of our copper door pulls. You can expect them to last just as long even if used daily.


All our internal copper door handles are also made to be as comfortable to use as possible. Internal door pulls are used a lot more than front door pulls. So any of our internal copper door pulls will certainly be trouble-free to use.